Guide to Driving in Barbados

Get to Barbados, get a car from any car rental company and make an extraordinary trip across this tiny striking island. Booking the car before arriving at the country would be much helpful as rental cars are always on demand. You have to hire the car from the local rental agencies; no established car rental companies are constituted here. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about the driving permit; the agencies will provide it. You can also get it from some particular police stations or the Ministry of Transport. Spend just BBD$10 and get the 1year valid permit.

No domestic license is permissible in Barbados; either you need to have a momentary permit or an international driving license. It is wise to have your passport with every time you drive in a foreign land. Though there is no limit of drink driving, the act is considered as a wrongdoing. The roads of Barbados are not of bad condition but you may find potholes which can cause trouble if you remain indifferent. There are few sidewalks all over the country, so you have to be vigilant about the pedestrians. The local buses and vans sometimes run recklessly exceeding the speed limit; so keep checking them often. You will find the speed limits on the signboards of the roads. The road indicators and signals of this small country are well developed. But it is disappointing that there is no toll road in Barbados. Be a little bit careful when you are driving in the remote places where the roads are very narrow. While driving on the island of Barbados it is mandatory to wear the seat belts and if you have anyone under the age of 5 in your car then you must use a child safety seat.

You can get assistance from the Barbados Tourism Authority by calling them, yet carrying a map or using the GPS would be very helpful. Try not to take instructions from the locals if it is not that necessary because a wrong direction can get you lost anywhere.

Essential Driving Information

  • Always drive on the left hand side of the road.
  • Carry the particular safety equipments.
  • It is against the law not to enclose a seatbelt.
  • There is no bound of drink driving in Barbados.
Speed Limits
Town/City: Around 20 mp/h
Country Roads: 37 mp/h
Main Roads: Around 45 mp/h
Emergency Phone Numbers
Police: 211
Ambulance: 511
Firefighters: 311
General Information (as of 2014)
Min Driving Age: 21
Alcohol Limit: None!
Petrol Price: BBD$3.92 /litre
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