Guide to Driving in Denmark

The streets around Denmark are well-maintained and this is a golden rule when it comes to a country’s road infrastructure. Even if the climate is rough, the roads resist well. The traffic is on the right and overtakes are on the left. Some roads might not have lane markings but you should be able to figure out what are the borders. All the road signs are displayed using Latin characters and the speed indicators display the limit in kilometers per hour. Parking is a bit tricky. You need to acquire a blue parking disk in order to park in the specially designed areas. Such a disk can be obtained at gas stations or tourist offices. If you don’t have such a disk you risk to be fined with up to €500. You are required to equip the vehicle with winter tires from October to March. It is a must to have a warning triangle in your car but we also recommend you to have a first-aid kit and a reflective vest. As long as you keep a defensive attitude behind the wheel and you signal your intention of switching lanes or changing the direction of travel, the local drivers will treat you with respect as well.

Police officers in Denmark have the right of pulling you over just to check for your documents or to see if you have winter tires mounted, if it’s the case. Talking about documents, you need nothing more than a domestic driver’s license, the car’s registration, the third-party liability insurance and your identification card. Police cars can be easily confused with normal cars since they are white with thin blue lines on the side. The word ‘POLITI’ if often placed only on side doors and occasionally on hood and rear bumper. The light beacons, however, are distinctive.

Essential Driving Information

  • All the passengers of a car are required to fasten their seatbelts as soon as they get in the vehicle.
  • Danish law prohibits the use of a mobile phone while driving. The car must be equipped with a proper hands-free device and the phone must be connected to this device in order to be on the good side of the law.
  • Being placed in the North of Europe, Denmark forces all the drivers to use the dipped beam all day long throughout the year.
  • Motorways don't have a toll system across Denmark; however taxes may be applied when crossing bridges.
Speed Limits
Town/City: 50kmh (30mph)
Main Road: 80kmh (50mph)
Motorway: 130kmh (80mph)
Emergency Phone Numbers
Police: 112
Ambulance: 112
Firefighters: 112
General Information (as of 2014)
Min Driving Age: 17
Alcohol Limit: 0.05%
Petrol Price: €1.71/litre
Diesel Price: €1.51/litre
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