Guide to Driving in Finland

Finland has a rough climate; temperatures won’t go over 20° Celsius even in August. On the other hand, in winter it can get really cold so you must be prepared. Winter tires are mandatory and we recommend you to have them mounted from early October to April. Surprisingly, the roads are in excellent shape all around the year. One of the major threats, especially in forest regions is represented by reindeers. These animals try to cross the road, creating dangerous situations for drivers, especially if there’s rain or fog. Make sure you reduce the speed in case that the visibility is poor or if the forest stretches close to the road. Most of the traffic signs are meeting the ‘Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals’ so you shouldn’t have a problem navigating. In large towers there are numerous bike paths so you should drive with extra caution and look for the indicator suggesting a bike crossing. Remember that traffic is on the right, overtakes on the left and in unmarked intersections you have to give way to vehicles coming from your right. In roundabouts you must give way to vehicles that are there. Parking is allowed on the right side of your lane if there’s enough room or if there aren’t any road signs indicating different. Some parking lots have a toll system.

The police cars around Finland wear distinctive marks: white paint as a base and two thick black stripes in the areas of the front and rear wheels. The word marked on them is either ‘POLIS’ or ‘POLIISI’. Some of these cars might be equipped with radars so think twice before stepping on the gas. Remember to check for your identification card, your national driver’s license and the car’s registration certificate. No other documents are needed.

Essential Driving Information

  • Because Finland is in the North of Europe, all drivers must drive with their dipped beam on, no regardless the conditions and the time of the day.
  • The use of a mobile phone without a special hands-free system attached to it is considered illegal.
  • All passengers inside the car must fasten their seatbelt
  • There are no taxes on highways around Finland at all.
  • As an essential safety equipment you need to have in your car is the reflecting triangle.
Speed Limits
Town/City: 50kmh (30 mph)
Main Road: 80kmh (50 mph)
Motorway: 120kmh (75 mph)
Emergency Phone Numbers
Pan European: 112
General Information (as of 2014)
Min Driving Age: 18
Alcohol Limit: 0.05%
Petrol Price: €1.59/litre
Diesel Price: €1.49/litre
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