Guide to Driving in Romania

Romania is located in the Central Europe, experiencing rough weather conditions during the winter, especially in mountain areas. Most of the roads are well preserved but there is a severe lack of highways: just over 600km of highway in the entire country. In cities there are almost no road markings at all; however, the traffic lights and the road signs are in good shape. You are not allowed to turn right on a red light unless there’s a small green flashing light with an arrow that indicates the right side. Remember that driving is on the right-hand side of the road and overtaking is on the left. Be careful that some roads are in poor condition and there are massive holes here and there; drive with caution.

Drivers around the country are not acting professional all the time. They often travel at high speeds, turn left or right without signaling and attempt risky overtakes. It’s a good idea to keep a defensive attitude, at least around the cities. There are a lot of pedestrians crossing the street illegally, so keep your eyes opened. The police cars are white with the text ‘POLITIA’ on the hood, on the left side doors and on the right side doors printed in blue. Both in cities and in rural areas, the police monitors the traffic with radar vans (which look like the police cars, except that they’re slightly bigger) so you should not exceed the speed limit.

The police has the right to pull you over just to check for your drivers’ license. You must always carry your ID card and your driver’s license with you. The car’s registration certificate is also mandatory. If you have car insurance make sure that it’s still valid.

Essential Driving Information

  • While on the highways or on main roads you should always drive with the dipped beam on.
  • The seatbelt is mandatory just for the front seats.
  • You are not allowed to carry an unattended pet in your car.
  • If you see that the other drivers are flashing with their headlights it means that there might be a police control or a radar van up ahead.
  • You are not allowed to use your phone unless you use a Bluetooth or a hands-free system.
Speed Limits
Town/City: 50kmh (30mph)
Main Road: 90kmh (55mph)
Motorway: 130kmh (80mph)
Emergency Phone Numbers
Police: 112
Ambulance: 112
Firefighters: 112
General Information (as of 2014)
Min Driving Age: 18
Alcohol Limit: 0.00%
Petrol Price: €1.30/litre
Diesel Price: €1.35/litre
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