Guide to Driving in Singapore

It is not that comforting when you are driving in a foreign country because of the lack of traffic-knowledge. So, you need to be aware of some basic conventions of traffic system of that particular country or place you want to drive in on a rented car. Driving in Singapore is rather encouraging because no disorganized traffic is tolerated here. It is not a huge country and you will find few cars around you in most of the essential roads. So, you will face no difficulties in driving here and do not worry about the traffic jam.

Renting a car is not costly in Singapore rather it is the best way to freely visit all around this small country. In that case it will be a great decision if you contact the car leasing agency before you get in the country. Though the renting prices vary considering the seasons, official charges start at 108Euro a day. You may also pay an extra 36Euro an hour to get a driver. The minimum age of renting a car here is 25 years. However, the roads of Singapore are very ordered but keep in mind that the traffic laws are inflexible. You always need to have your international driving license when you are on the road. In Singapore, you have to be at the left side of the road while driving and everyone sitting in car is obliged to tie the seat belt all the time. If you neglect the law of having seatbelt on, get ready to pay the authority a fat sum of money. If you want to drive after 7pm, do not forget to turn on your headlights and always be careful about the speed limits whether it’s day or night. You can avoid the jam-packed roads at the busy hours, but in that case, you need to pay for taking the special roads by facing the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP).

Though the roads are nicely arranged and you will have lots of expedient indicators in Singapore, it is wise to take a map while roaming in a foreign land. All the roads of this country are planned by acronyms like CTE, PIE, CBD, ECP, etc. You won’t have to face any kind of difficulties in parking your car all over the city.

Essential Driving Information

  • Keep moving with the right hand driving.
  • Seatbelts are compulsory for everyone in the front and rear.
  • Child Safety Seat is a must if you are carrying a child below the height of 1.35 meters.
  • Cellular phones are not allowed at the time of driving.
Speed Limits
Town/City: 40 Km/h
Motorway: 80/90 km/h
Emergency Phone Numbers
Police: 999
Ambulance: 995
Firefighters: 995
General Information (as of 2014)
Min Driving Age: 25
Alcohol Limit: 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood
Petrol Price: €1.28/litre
Diesel Price: €0.98/litre
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