How to Fall in Love in Paris

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How to Fall in Love in Paris

Paris has always been one of the most romantic cities on earth. But there’s definitely more to it than having a date in the Eiffel Tower. Here are 6 more ways to fall in love with the metro.

Wide array of cheeses, fantastic wines, great architectures, sumptuous food, intense history—there’s no reason why you should miss out the City of Lights, more so not fall in love with it. In Paris you can

Learn the language

The Parisians, in particular, and the French, in general, have been sometimes been described as cold and even rude as they seldom speak in English. But it’s because they love their language so much! Besides, who wouldn’t fall in love with the French language? You can surely get more out of your city experience if you know the basics. You can enroll in a crash course a few weeks before your trip, buy a handy dictionary, or begin with the conversational phrases such as “Parlez-vous Anglais?” which means “Can you speak in English?” or “Oui, merci,” which means “Thank you.”

Taste the wines

A holiday in Paris will never be complete without dining, but even a meal itself will feel lacking if you don’t pair it with a sumptuous wine. Next to cheeses, the wines have graced the Parisian tables for many years. After all, some of the French regions have been growing some of the best grapes and preserving hundreds of barrels of wine in the beguiling vineyards and cellars. Enjoy your Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Sauvignon, Grenache, or Syrah over casual lunches with newfound friends.

Appreciate the arts

From the silent French films to the several art museums in the city, Paris is not just a city of love but also the center of creativity and the arts. There’s the National Museum of Modern Art with more than 15,000 pieces of contemporary artworks, Petit Palais and the works of antiquities, and 18th-century paintings housed in Musee Jacquemart-Andre. Listen to an opera in Opera de la Bastille or catch a live performance in Theatre de la Ville in Place du Chatelet or the Comedie Francaise, which is also the name of the oldest theater performance group in the country.

Hit the clubs

Though Paris has retained a huge amount of its old charm, it’s slowly embraced the influences of the recent years. This includes the growth of hip clubs and bars, commonly frequented by the young adults. Nevertheless, a lot of these places try to be different from all the others such as Silencio designed by David Lynch and the French rhythms that fill the air in Le Regine.

Eat like the Parisians

The French love food, and it hurts them if you don’t eat as much as they do. They’ve spent centuries improving their technique and flavor. The locals like to take their time when they eat, and they love to pair almost everything with cheese. Restaurants are almost always full, so interested ones are encouraged to reserve a seat at least a few hours.

Tour beyond the Eiffel Tower

Hire a car for more convenience and comfort, go beyond the iconic Eiffel Tower and see the other sights that make Paris a prime holiday destination, such as the flea markets of St. Ouen, gothic-style architecture and gargoyles of Cathedral de Notre Dame, the final resting places of France’s finest in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and the legendary Moulin Rouge.

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