The Most Romantic Islands in Europe

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Europe can be the ideal destinations for those looking for a romantic vacation. The continent has many destinations which are considered very couple friendly.

Travelers get access to all kinds of facilities and luxuries in Europe, and they also get the opportunity of exploring a wide range of places, starting from historical places to beaches. If you are someone who loves the beach, and would like to go on a romantic vacation, you will surely love travelling to one of these islands in Europe.

Here are some of the top romantic islands in Europe:

Mull, Scotland


The Isle of Mull is located off the west coast of Scotland and has an infinite variety of landscapes: from high mountains to the wild moors, cliffs on a sea studded with rocky islets. And of course, the beaches, the most famous among them being the beach of Calgary Bay.

Surrounded by green hills and enclosed by two headlands, its fine white sand might serve as a source of envy to the best beaches in the Caribbean. But the Tropics certainly do not find such a contradictory mix of natural habitats. As an icing on the cake, the bay is dominated by the ruins of the castle of Calgary. The castles, the landscapes and the beautiful beach make this island an ideal Scottish romantic desitnation.

Armona, Portugal


Aromona is a small group of islands in Portugal, situated in the south of the country. Aromona lies on the western tip of the Gulf of Cadiz, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic. There, you can find the Ria Formosa National Park. In order to travel to Armona, people need to take a flight to Faro.

A short drive from Faro airport takes us to Olhao, the largest fishing port in the region. From there, it’s a fifteen-minute ferry ride to the islands of Armona. It is a quiet little paradise where the Portuguese like to spend the holidays trying to keep away from the tourists. There are bars, clubs and shops on the island and only three restaurants. The main attraction is of course the wildlife that inhabits the park: Armona is the ideal place for those couples, looking for a secluded and romantic island vacation.

Porquerolles, France


Enriched by a thick Mediterranean vegetation and crystal clear water, the island of Porquerolles in France takes away all filthiness of tourism. Motor vehicles are prohibited in the island, and the beaches are without any service. The only town is a small harbor with two hundred people, who enjoy the peace and tranquility of a landscape on the Mediterranean.

The island is of course largely popular with couples, who enjoy sunbathing and relaxing at the remote and wild beaches of the south coast. But there is something for everyone: even those who did not want to go far away can travel to the rapid paths leading to the northern beaches, such as de la Courtade, just a few minutes bike ride from the village.

Susak, Croatia


Susak is the real jewel of Croatian islands which have become very popular with all kinds of tourists over the years. It is an ideal destination for couples looking for a secluded romantic vacation. The beauty of the place will provide them with the ideal setting to express their love for each other. The island is not very crowded and it only has a small village with narrow streets, where only carts and men may go. There are no paved roads in Susak, let alone clubs. And that's why it is a place which is not overcrowded with tourists, and is ideal for couples.

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