The Ultimate Mediterranean Luxury Honeymoon - Italy, Greece, and Turkey in 30 Days

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The Ultimate Mediterranean Luxury Honeymoon - Italy, Greece, and Turkey in 30 Days

Go on an unforgettable luxury honeymoon set in the backdrop of the charming Mediterranean with a private 29-day tour. Choose any month between April and October and experience the honeymoon of a lifetime that will take you from Istanbul to Athens, introduce you to the quaint Greek isle of Crete, acquaint you with the iconic cities of Italy, and simply sweep you and your new spouse off your feet. The itinerary will include Assisi, Florence, Orvieto, Perugia, Pompeii, Rome, San Gimignano, Reggio C

First stop: Istanbul (5 days)

To kick off your grand Mediterranean honeymoon, fly to Istanbul, where you can stay at the luxurious Kempinski Ciragan Palace and get to know the grandiose city formerly ruled by Byzantine emperors. An Istanbul day tour is in order, and it will take you to see the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, the beautiful architecture of Aya Sophia, and the famous Topkapi Palace. A trip to Istanbul will not be complete without a tour of the Belle Epoque, which is reminiscent of the dominance of Constantinople in the Byzantine past, as well as a leisurely cruise along the winding Bosphorus strait.

Second stop: Athens (5 days)

After Istanbul, you will fly to Athens, where you can book a luxurious classical room at the King George Hotel. Here you will spend several days getting to know this famous Greek capital. Take a private tour to see the Acropolis, the Syntagma Square, and other major sights in the area. If you wish, allot a day for driving through Corinth and visiting Mycenae where you can see the ancient palace and the tombs of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.

Third stop: Delphi (1 day)

On the 11th day, take a tour of Delphi, which lies at the foot of Mount Parnassus. There you will witness the sacred oracles of Apollo and Dionysus.

Fourth stop: Crete (5 days)

And finally, meet Crete, the up-and-coming Greek destination that is attracting more and more tourists every year. From Athens you will fly over the Aegean Sea and arrive in Crete, where you can book into a secluded villa at the luxurious Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites. There is much to see in Crete, so allot two days for touring the unique island. While there, you can visit Heraklion, the three-storey Knossos palace, and the 5000-year-old museum.

Fifth stop: Venice (2 days)

From Crete, you can fly to Venice, where you should definitely take a gondola ride along the serpentine canals of this romantic city. Check out St. Mark’s Square, the Palace of the Doges, the glass blowers of Murano, and the lace weavers of Burano.

Sixth stop: Verona (1 day)

From Venice, drive to the charming Italian countryside made famous by Shakespeare himself – Verona. Here you will see the Arena, the Piazza delle Erbe, and the famous Giulietta balcony where you can imagine, just for a moment, Juliet standing on it and Romeo calling to her from below. Such is the treasure waiting for honeymooners in this romantic little town.

Seventh stop: Florence (2 days)

A high-speed train can then take you from Venice to Florence, also known as Firenze. Here you will see the magnificent Duomo, Michaelangelo’s statue of David, the Academia Museum, and the Piazza della Signoria, known as the hub of Florence. A trip to Florence is a breathtaking adventure especially for art and history lovers with all the famous paintings and other works of Italy’s greatest artists that can be found there.

Eighth stop: Italian Countryside Tour: Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Assisi, Torgiano, and Orvieto (4 days)

Move on to Pisa, where you can visit the famed Leaning Tower, along with other major destinations in the city.

From Pisa, you can drive to Siena. The trip takes 2 hours and will treat you with wonderful views of the Italian countryside. Siena, though lesser known, is actually one of the beloved cities among the locals. To tourists, it is mostly known as the host of the biennial horse race called the Palio, but is famed for its exquisite cuisine.

From Siena, you can also stop by San Gimignano, a quaint hillside town flanked by medieval walls.

Then go ahead and drive to Assisi, the site of the famous San Francesco Basilica, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also spend a few hours of the day in nearby Perugia, best known for its renaissance atmosphere and its Baci chocolates.

Take a brief detour to Torgiano and Orvieto on your way from Assisi to Rome. Here you will see gothic cathedrals that will impress you with their magnificence.

Twelfth stop: Rome (5 days)

And finally, your ultimate Mediterranean luxury honeymoon will culminate in Rome, where you can spend one day getting to know modern Rome and another day touring the remnants of ancient Rome. You should also definitely stop by the Vatican City. In Rome, you will see the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Piazza del Popolo, the Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and so many others to perfectly cap off your luxury honeymoon.

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