4 Great Adventure Activities in India

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4 Great Adventure Activities in India

If you want to Tour India and indulge in different adventure activities, you will not be disappointed. India is the 7th largest country in the world by land and its varied terrains will give you tons of opportunities of indulging in different kind of adventures.

Every year, tourists from around the world travel to India for participating in a wide range of adventure activities such as river rafting, mountain climbing, jungle walks, kayaking, skiing, boating, scuba diving etc. A large portion of Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, lies in India and the Himalayan territory is a heaven for people who want to get an adrenaline rush through adventure activities.

1. Mountain climbing

India is one of the best destinations in the world for mountain climbing. The upper and lower Himalayan regions in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Arunachal Pradesh are the best places for mountain climbing. There are many reputed agencies in the country which offer mountain climbing services, and they even help you to plan your adventure trips. In the state of Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh, there are many mountains which are not extremely difficult to climb. Even amateur climbers can try to climb them with some training. Apart from mountain climbing, these states have many beautiful cities, towns and hill stations that are very popular with the tourists.

2. River Rafting & Kayaking

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These two adventure activities also take place in the Himalayan states. The rivers in the Himalayan region have the necessary force needed for river rafting and kayaking because of which tourists from around the world travel to the Indian Himalayan region for such adventure activities. In places like Sikkim, Dehradun, Darjeeling and Ziro, one can find many institutes that will train people about the art of rafting. They also educate people about the safety measures to be taken during rafting. River rafting in India is best enjoyed during the summers and should be avoided during the rainy seasons and winters.

3. Paragliding

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India also offers wonderful opportunities for paragliding. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, there are many avenues for paragliding. Travel India agencies can help you to get in touch with paragliding schools in the city of Pune and the hill station of Mahabaleshwar, (these two places are very near to the city of Mumbai). The Western Ghats offer paragliding enthusiasts with scenic views and fresh air because of which paragliding can be a lot of fun in this part of the world. The northern states of the country, which remain very windy during summers, are also good for paragliding.

4. Jungle Walks

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India has millions of acres of forest lands, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where people can encounter many different species of birds and animals. These forests and wildlife sanctuaries can be found in almost all the states and union territories of India. People can go for Jungle walks and Jungle Safaris and explore the rich flora and fauna of the country. The noted wildlife sanctuaries in India are Jim Corbett National Park, Kaziranga National Park, and Ranthambore National Park etc. People can also visit the Sundarbans in West Bengal, which houses the maximum number of Royal Bengal tigers in the world and is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

During jeep safaris in Kaziranga National Park in Assam, people can come across the one-horned Asiatic rhino, which is an endangered animal. The natural beauty of the country and its diverse culture add to the popularity of India as one of the key adventure tourism destination in the world. In India, there is something for everyone.

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