Top 5 Surfing Destinations in the World

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Surfing is a wonderful activity that is liked by people around the world. It is an activity which allows people to ride with the waves of the sea, and feel the thrill of being under the sun while being surrounded by water. Around the world, there are thousands of beaches which are known as ‘surfing destinations’.

Many people practice surfing as a sport and participate in surfing competition and events that takes place all the year round. The surfing destinations are spread across the world and they offer different types of experienced to the visitors. If you are someone who likes surfing, you will find this article helpful. Here are the top surfing destinations in the world:

Arica, Chile

Arica Surfing

Arica is situated a few kilometers away from the border between Chile and Peru. It is a port city that holds the distinction of being the most arid in the world. In Arica, conditions for surfing are ideal almost all the year round. This is why, it was selected by Rip Curl as one of the most important destinations in the Surfing World Tour it organizes. The culture and cuisine of the region also attract people to this beautiful quiet town in Chile.

Where to stay: Located in the center of the town, 5 minutes from the sea, Arica Surf House offers the best accommodation for surfers.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete Surfing

This village on the north coast of the country has been, since the 90s, considered a Mecca for water sports, especially windsurfing, kite surfing and surfing. For surfing enthusiasts, the ideal beach is Playa Encuentro , where many schools offer classes and instructors to assist amateur surfers. The destination is ideal for families as well and has many luxurious hotels and spas. Apart from surfing people can also enjoy visiting some of the tourist attractions situated in and around the place.

Where to stay: Cabarete Surf Camp offers perfect accommodation to meet the needs of surfing fans from every corner of the world; rooms start from $ 25 per night, per person.

Hossegor, France

Hossegor Surfing

Hossegor is located few kilometers east of the busiest city of Biarritz and is very popular with surfing enthusiasts. It is a luxurious sea destination which is very popular with tourists. Good waves, great wineries, restaurants and magnificent sunsets are some of the things that attract tourists to this city on the Bay of Biscay. It is one of the best surfing in Europe, and many surf races (including the Surfing World Tour) take place in the waters of Hossegor.

Where to stay: Koala Surf Camp, which is a "home" for surfers, is run by two surfing instructors and offers luxurious accommodation.

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Port Antonio Surfing

Jamaica is a country which has been associated with surfing for a very long time. Port Antonio is n ideal destination for surfers and is located in the north-eastern part of the country, in the Boston Bay. The area offers fans of the sport from around the world (and many Jamaicans) the chance to ride the waves in incredibly turquoise water, typical of the Caribbean Sea.

Where to stay: unique eco hotel in the area and overlooking Boston Bay, Great Huts offers quality sea-side accommodation to surfers.

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir Surfing

Agadir in Morocco is a great spot for surfing, with ideal conditions throughout the year. The impressive Agadir Bay, is overlooking the Atlantic, is situated in southern Morocco. Agadir offers 300 days of sunshine a year and a 10 km long beach: making it a great destination for surfing.

Where to stay: Aloha Surf Camp , offers accommodation packages + surfing lessons to all kinds of surfing enthusiasts.

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