Highway 61 Road Trip : The Great River Road

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Highway 61 Road Trip : The Great River Road

Highway 61, or U.S.Route 61, is as American as it can get. It is known as the Great River Road, and was inaugurated in late 1930. It begins in New Orleans following the course of the Mississippi, and ends at the headwaters of the Mississippi in northern Minnesota lakes. It is spread across ten states and the complete road network covers around 1400 miles.

During this road trip, you will travel to many places which are very important in the history of music in the US. You will travel to Memphis, the city forever linked to Elvis Presley; you will then pass through the Mississippi Delta, where the blues was born, to reach New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz.

The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is not only a geographical divide and a psychological boundary between east and west. It is also the cradle of American music: blues, jazz and rock n roll. The legendary Highway 61 starts from New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana and ends in the city of Wyoming in Minnesota. The route goes through St. Louis, Missouri, and also covers other places such as Memphis, the city whose identity will always be linked to Elvis Presley. From there it continues up to the Mississippi Delta, home of the blues, while starting at the birthplace of jazz. This legendary road will take you into a journey in which you can explore the history of music in America. You can visit places where the beauty of classic American music still reigns supreme.

Highway 61 has been immortalized by the music album Highway 61 Revisited, composed by Bob Dylan, the man who revolutionized popular music in the 1960s. This route is the Mecca for music lovers and offers everything that they can ask for from a road trip. Start your journey in the city of New Orleans, a city which will always be known as the pioneer of Jazz music. Visit the pubs and bars where jazz musicians still perform the best that this genre of music has to offer. When you reach Memphis, explore the Rock 'n' Soul Museum. If you are a fan of the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley, you can also travel to Tupelo (around 80 miles from Memphis), the place where Elvis was born.

In Nashville, you can visit the factory where Gibson Guitars are made. Gibson is the true American guitar which has been used by musicians in the country for ages. If you are looking for something more than music, you can stop at the various barbeque joints in Nashville and Minnesota where you can enjoy the best barbeque meals in the country. The elegant and grandeur of the Mississippi River will surely impress you. On the way, you can stop at various beautiful places on the banks of this beautiful river and enjoy a meal or tow there. Regardless of what genre of music you like, you will surely enjoy this road trip. You will also appreciate the natural beauty of the places that can be visited during this road trip.

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Route Details
Start: New Orleans, LA
End: Wyoming, MN
Distance: 1400 miles
Duration: 19 to 21 Days
Best Time: November to May
Overnight Stay: In motels and hotels situated along the route
Transport: Hire a car or venture out in your own 4 wheeler; you can also contact travel agencies that arrange Highway 61 road trips.
Food: Eat in pubs and restaurants in various towns and cities situated along Route 61.
Difficulty: In summer, the weather remains quite hot in places along this route and the journey can be quite difficult.
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