The Great Northern : USA Road Trip

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The Great Northern : USA Road Trip

People, who want to explore the majority of the United States by road, can go on this wonderful road trip. If you want to travel very long distances from coast to coast in the US, this is the ideal road for you. Linking the two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific), The Great Northern, or Route 2, begins in the state of Washington and ends in Maine, on the east coast, after covering 2571 miles across states, situated north of the country and parts of Canada.

The route passes through open spaces and offers you with breathtaking views of the alpine splendor of the west to the prairies of the Great Plains or the charm of the Great Lakes (shown below). Across the border, you can enjoy the French flavor of Montreal, then winding through mountains and forests you will travel to the coast of New England.

Great Lakes

You can start this road trip in the city of Everett in Washington and end it in the city of Houlton in Maine. The road trip can last for more than a month and is ideal for those who like spending time on the road, travelling from one city to the other. You can come across beaches, forests, quiet towns and rural areas, national parks full of wildlife and everything else that the country has to offer. It is the best road trip to understand the culture and way of life of the people of the United States. It will also help you to explore the bio-diversity and geological landscape of the country. The road trip may not be suitable for families with young children. Also, amateur bikers might find it hard to ride their bikes on this road trip, due to the duration of the journey.

Places you Visit

The places that you will cover include the US states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. If you want, you can also explore the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Do not forget to explore the beauty of the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan. Driving through the high plains of Montana, you will come across badlands, buttes and prairies that are unforgettable. During the journey, you will also come across small towns, parks, historical sites and cafes that are worth exploring.

How about driving along this route then? It's a great route if you love driving and seeing new scenary. Book your Seattle Airport car hire with us today to start your journey.

Route Details
Start: Everett, WA
End: Houlton, ME
Distance: 2571 miles
Duration: 30 to 45 Days; the journey could even last for a period of 2 months, if you decide to take rest for a few days on the way, or if you decide to explore majority of the places that you come across.
Best Time: The journey covers a very long distance and places with varied climatic conditions. Based on your preference, you can either travel in the summer or winter months when the weather will be either hot or cold.
Overnight Stay: On the way, you will find many motels and hotels near the highway itself that will offer reasonable overnight accommodation. Alternately, you can also stay in luxurious resorts situated in some of the cities along this route.
Transport: Travelling by car is the best option but it is also important that you travel with other people who can drive, so that a single individual will not have to drive for too long at a stretch.
Food: There are numerous restaurants and food stalls that you will come across on this trip. You can also stop at the local bars and pubs for a glimpse of the local tavern culture.
Difficulty: This is certainly one of the most difficult road trips and it may not be suitable for children, elderly individuals and people with illness requiring constant medical care.
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