Route 66 Road Trip, USA

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Route 66 Road Trip, USA

A road trip on route 66 will take you to most of the important cities and towns of the United States, covering more than 2,448 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, across the Midwest, the Great Plains and the Southwest. Built in 1926, the famous Route 66 was the original path leading to California, the land of opportunity. Although the old US-66 no longer exists, you can still enjoy the road that went through the heart of the American culture: relics of the past, 50’s motel-style cafes and very f

It will be a journey that will take you through the America's retro places and the greatest outdoor attractions in the country: the Grand Canyon (pictured below), the Mississippi River, the Painted Desert of Arizona, the Petrified Forest National Park and in the end, the Pacific beaches of sunny California. There are also old museums, typical family restaurants, gas stations straight out of a James Dean movie and ghost villages hidden at the edge of the desert.

Grand Canyon

Travel by car from Chicago to Santa Monica, across America and explore the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and the great National Parks of the Wild West.

Famous Songs

"If you ever plan to motor west, Travel my way, take the highway, that's the best, Get your kicks on Route 66"

These are lines from the famous song, Route 66 by the Rolling Stone. This magical route has been immortalized by songs and films. This route connects Chicago with the golden beaches of California, crossing 10 states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California. The U.S. Route 66 was a road used to migrate to the West, especially during the period of the sand storms of the Dust Bowl. It was officially removed from the highway system in 1985, when it was replaced with the other Interstate Highway System. A road trip on this route will give you an excuse to see some of the most beautiful places of the American continent.

The road trip offers the visitor a fantastic and extraordinary journey; it is a must for fans of road trips and for those who want to see America from a different viewpoint than usual. For many it is an almost perfect example of the cultural microcosm of the States. Since 1926, millions of people - soldiers, adventurers, starving peasants (during the Great Depression), immigrants, hippies and bikers have travelled on this path seeking fortune, sunshine and freedom. Because of the Dust Bowl in the '30s many rural families, mostly from Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, were forced to follow it to seek new opportunities in the west.

On route 66, you can explore the skyscrapers of Chicago, accompanied by the rhythm of jazz; you will also travel to the Great Plains to visit the house of Abraham Lincoln, in Springfield. You will cross the Mississippi River in San Luis, and stop at Branson, a city which is considered to be the capital of country music. You will also visit the beautiful Rocky Mountains while admiring the many jewels of nature.

How about driving along this route then? It's a great route if you love driving and seeing new scenary. Book your Chicago O'Hare Airport car hire with us today to start your journey.

Route Details
Start: Chicago, IL
End: Santa Monica, CA (Los Angeles, CA)
Distance: 2,448 miles
Duration: 20 to 30 Days
Best Time: June to September
Overnight Stay: In motels and hotels situated along the route
Transport: Hire a car or venture out in your own 4 wheeler; travel in a group with multiple drivers
Food: There are many fast food chains and restaurants in various places along the route.
Difficulty: The journey can be difficult for old people or people with illness as it can last more than 3 to 4 weeks.
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