The Mohawk Trail : USA Road Trip

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The Mohawk Trail : USA Road Trip

A road trip along the Mohawk Trail will let you explore the ancient trade route of the Native American people. It is one of the most famous routes for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Native American lands. The Mohawk Trail, a route of 100 kilometers, runs through the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts. Throughout this legendary route travelers will find beautiful artwork, delicious food and beautiful scenery. The ascent to Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts (1064 meter

This route was used by the Native American tribes, especially the Atlantic tribes, as it helped them to connect with the tribes in New York. The modern day Mohawk Trail is included on Route 2 in Massachusetts. The trail leads to the ancient villages whose origins lie in the early days of colonialism in North America and in the years of fierce French and Indian wars. The trial begins in Orange, a town in Franklin County and ends in the town of Williamstown, in Berkshire County. The entire 63 miles long trial is situated in the state of Massachusetts.

What to See

Berkshire Hills

During a road trip on the Mohawk Trail, you can continue your journey through the countryside and the woods of the Berkshire Hills (shown right), reaching the county seat, Pittsfield (you must visit Arrowhead, the place where Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick) and arriving in Stockbridge, village built in 1734 by British missionaries for a closed community of the Mohicans. The small town is home to numerous structures of cultural and artistic interest, such as the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Berkshire Botanical Garden and Naumkeag, a typical "Berkshire Cottage", a representative example of the architectural style of the golden age of the United States.

This road trip will let you explore the beauty of Massachusetts. You will also enjoy the luxury of exploring the historic road that was used by the native peoples of the United States. The best way to enjoy this trip is through bike riding. Do not forget to explore the pristine Mohawk Trail State Forest which is home to many exotic plants and animals. The Bridge of Flowers is one of the attractions in this region that should not be missed. Do not forget to wear a helmet if you decide to ride a bike on the Mohawk Trail.

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Route Details
Start: Orange, MA
End: Williamstown, MA
Distance: 63 miles long
Duration: The Mohawk Trail is only 63 miles long so it should not take you more than a day to complete this road trip. However, most people like camping in the forest, involving in adventure activities, and exploring other places in Massachusetts. In such a scenario, the trip can last 2 to 3 days.
Best Time: The temperature in this region remains moderate all the year round. The best time to complete this road trip would be during the months of April to July.
Overnight Stay: Camping in the Mohawk Trail State Forest would be the ideal accommodation during this trip. If you are looking for a more comfortable stay, you can make reservations in any of the hotels and resorts in the region.
Transport: As it is a short journey, you can easily complete it by a car or on a bike.
Food: The restaurants around the Mohawk Trail State Forest, situated in Westminster and Clarksburg offer decent food.
Difficulty: You will not face too many difficulties in this trip as the weather remains pleasant all the year round. Also, the road is short.
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