The Best Music Festivals to Travel to

Posted 12 November 2014 by

Music fans are not known for being too timid to pursue their passions and not sharing their love for music with their fellow fans. There are hundreds of music festivals in different corners of the world, but there are a few that is worth traveling halfway across the country or the globe to.

Here are some of the best music festivals for music travellers.

Glastonbury, England


Widely considered as one of the oldest summer music festivals in the world, Glastonbury, which is held in Somerset on the last week of June, began in 1970 during the counterculture and hippie era of music. The festival grounds are spread across a sprawling 900-acre farmland, where visitors can enjoy live performances from some of the biggest names in alternative, indie, and mainstream music scenes, as well as cabaret shows, circus performances, and theatre shows.

Sonar, Spain


Sonar is one of the much anticipated summer music festivals in Europe, often held during the second week of June every year in Barcelona. The first Sonar music festival was held in 1994, and the festival organizers have always maintained a line-up featuring cutting-edge musicians and performance artists from all over the world. Millions of visitors flock to this Spanish city every year to enjoy not only the music, but also the wonderful video installations and audio-visual artworks curated by some of the city’s brightest stars in the arts scene.

The Governors Ball Music Festival, USA

The Governors Ball Music Festival

Held during the first week of June, New York’s The Governors Ball is relatively new to the scene, but has already attracted millions of music fans from all over the world. The artist line-up typically includes an interesting mix of musicians and performers from different genres such as indie, electronic, and rock, hailing from the United States and other parts of the globe. Aside from the great music, The Governors Ball also offers a refreshing taste of the city’s culture with different activities and popular food from New York’s iconic food trucks and dining establishments.

Lollapalooza, USA


Lollapalooza is truly one of the world’s biggest music festivals, and very few such events will ever have the same recall and popularity as Chicago’s premier musical event. The festival is usually held on the first week of August, and began in 1991 as the farewell tour for the band Jane’s Addiction.

Aside from the musical performances from some of the world’s best artists, Lollapalooza also hosts dance and comedy performances, as well as a crafts fair. The festival began as a venue for indie rock and alternative artists to perform at, but over the years, the line-up has included mainstream names such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga, Muse, and The Black Keys.

Roskilde Music Festival, Denmark

Roskilde Music Festival

Roskilde is the brainchild of two local high school kids, and the once small hippie music event turned into an exciting auditory extravaganza featuring some of the world’s best musicians and up-and-coming performers. The mix of artists in the line-up is interesting: the festival organizers always combine superstars with lesser-known names to offer the festival goers an interesting musical experience.

Do not be surprised if you see someone streaking in the campsite; Roskilde has a tradition of hosting a run with naked people every year.

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