Top 10 European Travel Destinations in 2014

Posted 17 December 2013 by
Top 10 European Travel Destinations in 2014

Visiting Europe does not always have to mean spending weeks in well-known tourist traps like Paris and London. If you want to experience Europe in its magnificent glory through visiting unusual destinations, here are some locations to include in your itinerary.

1. Iceland

Looking for dramatically stunning sites? Iceland is one of the best travel destinations in Europe to experience the majesty of nature. The dazzlingly bright glaciers are complemented by black sands, sapphire-colored hot springs, and lushly verdant valleys—your eyes will never be bored with the landscapes of Iceland, and you would take the best photos no matter the angle. To discover the rich history of the country, you can explore the Reykjavik Old Town; head over to Reykjavik Museum for more eye candy.

2. Vienna

This city is known as one of the greatest cities of the continent (as well as the setting for some blockbuster movies), and it is always great to include Vienna in your Europe itinerary. Plenty of history and art—fans of Viennese artists such as Schubert Mozart, Gustav Klimt, and Beethoven will definitely feel inspired in this city. Make sure to enjoy your fill of local delicacy, including the excellent wines and sachertorte.

3. Dublin

This Irish city is often overshadowed by its more popular neighbours, which makes Dublin a perfect destination for those who want to travel off the beaten path. Aside from the great beer best enjoyed in a local pub, there are plenty of things to see in the city. Make it a point to visit the Guinness Storehouse to see a panoramic 360-degree view of this lovely city.

4. Crete

Immortalized in literary history as the site of many a mythological event, Crete is truly a magical destination ideal for the traveller who wants to explore the hidden beauty of the continent. Drop by the Palace of Phaistos for breathtaking photographs.

5. Prague

This fairy-tale city is one of the most overlooked destinations in the region, and its beauty will definitely invigorate even the most jaded of travellers. Wander around the cobblestone streets to create your own fairy tale trip.

6. Southern Dalmatia

In the heart of Southern Dalmatia is the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik—a majestic ancient citadel framed by dramatic mountains and facing the vast sea. Southern Dalmatia is undoubtedly perfect for the traveller who wants to see something different (and is prepared to spend a bit more).

7. Salzburg

Music lovers will definitely enjoy the city of Salzburg, the birthplace of one of the most important composers in history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The city celebrates the annual Salzburg Festival, which honours the achievements of one of the city’s beloved sons.

8. Berlin

Berlin is undeniably one of the fastest rising economic, social, and tourist centres in Europe. If you get tired of the modern cityscapes of Berlin (we doubt that you will), head over to the southwest part of the city for lovely forests and lakes.

9. Provence

France is not just Paris—Provence is gaining popularity among travellers as well. Entering Provence is like going back in a more idyllic time—you smell the wonderful scent of lavender, and start to see the glorious cypresses and quaint tile roofs. Perfect for those who want the elegance of France without the crowds of Paris.

10. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital is one of the most important cities in the British Isles, but many travellers and tourists do

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