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10 Great Things to Do in Florence, Italy
By Kieran Cook on Dec 03, 2014 in Travel Ideas

To say that Florence is a romantic Italian city is an understatement. The romance you will get from this city is more than you can imagine which explains why the number of tou[...]

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ireland
By Kieran Cook on Nov 30, 2014 in Travel Ideas

It matters less whether you are in Ireland as a first-timer or you are a regular visitor. There will always be a huge pool of attractions that will serve your interests well t[...]

10 of the Best Places to See the Northern Lights
By Kieran Cook on Nov 27, 2014 in Travel Ideas

If there is one of the most spectacular things that nature can offer you in a lifetime experience then it has to be the northern lights. Many people refer to it as Aurora Bore[...]

10 Great Things to Do in Milan, Italy
By Kieran Cook on Nov 24, 2014 in Travel Ideas

Are you planning to tour Milan in Italy and short of ideas on what to do? This article will give you a guideline on what to expect on the ground for an idea of the things to d[...]

5 Great Places to See in Greece
By Kieran Cook on Nov 21, 2014 in Travel Ideas

Greece has captured the imaginations of many romantics and adventurers for many centuries, and was the site of many romantic adventures dating back thousands of years before C[...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Iceland
By Kieran Cook on Nov 15, 2014 in Travel Ideas

Never limit your options when in Iceland for a vacation. There are many attractions to see and places to visit that will help make your tour a worthy outing. Making the right [...]

The Best Music Festivals to Travel to
By Kieran Cook on Nov 12, 2014 in Travel Ideas

Music fans are not known for being too timid to pursue their passions and not sharing their love for music with their fellow fans. There are hundreds of music festivals in dif[...]

The Most Photogenic Destinations in Asia
By Kieran Cook on Nov 06, 2014 in Travel Ideas

Asia is the largest continent on the planet—it nearly takes up one-third of the world’s total landmass and is home to several scenic destinations. If you love taking photos wh[...]

Top 10 Archaeological Sites to Explore
By Kieran Cook on Nov 03, 2014 in Travel Ideas

You have a lot of exploration to do in getting a clear picture of all the top archeological sites in the world. There are many that are still unknown to the world and it’s onl[...]

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Switzerland
By Kieran Cook on Oct 31, 2014 in Travel Ideas

If you have ever thought of stopping your travelling, make sure it does not happen before you go to Switzerland. This is a great country with wonderful attractions that you ca[...]

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